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How can I fetch multiple profiles from Sales Navigator search in bulk?

Here are the steps you've outlined for this process:

Install Chrome Extension: Begin by installing the Quicklead Chrome extension on your browser.

Access LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search: Navigate to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and conduct your search to identify the profiles you want to fetch.

Activate Quicklead Extension: Once installed, the Quicklead extension icon should appear as attached in below screenshot.

Select Profiles: Click on the Quicklead extension icon while on the Sales Navigator search page. This action should prompt a menu where you can create a new list or select an existing list to add the profiles you wish to fetch.

Set Quantity and Start fetching: Choose the number of profiles you want to fetch from your Sales Navigator search results. Then, click on the "Extract Result" button within the Quicklead extension.

Monitor Progress: The extension will begin fetching the profiles. You can monitor the progress as it gathers the data.

Access fetched Profiles: Once the fetching process is complete, you should be able to view your list of fetched profiles on the Quicklead app. Visit to access this information.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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