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How does the Quicklead credits system work?

Understanding the Quicklead Credits System

Quicklead offers a streamlined credits system to empower users in their networking and outreach efforts. Here's how it works:

Separate Credits: Quicklead divides its credits into distinct categories, catering to various aspects of networking:
Profile Capture
Connection Request Send
Message Send
Email Finder

Plan Example: Let's take the $29 plan as an example:
10,000 Profile fetching Credits per month
1,000 Email Finder Credits per month
400 Connection Request Credits per month
400 Message Credits per month

Email Finder: Each email found consumes 1 email credit. Importantly, Quicklead only deducts credits for successfully found emails. No charges apply if an email isn't found.

Transparency: For further details and specific pricing information, users can refer to the Pricing Page on Quicklead's website.

Quicklead's credit system offers a flexible and transparent approach, ensuring users maximize their networking potential without any hidden costs.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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